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Scientific Programme Organisers: 

The International Symposium on Nutrition (ISN) is organised jointly by The Nutrition Society and The French Nutrition Society (Société Française de Nutrition).


This conference is taking place online. The time zone is GMT. 

About the ISN 2022

Our world is moving. Cities have to adapt to meet climate challenge and the evolution of increasing urban populations and their health risks. In particular, cities have to create new models for the sustainable production, transformation and distribution of food products to best meet the nutritional needs of each individual and ensure optimal health.

The International Symposium on Nutrition (ISN 2022) will bring together the expertise from academia, policy, industry and city representatives to present and debate issues related to urban policies for sustainable nutrition and health.

Topics of Keynote Lecture and Symposia: 

  • What do we mean by sustainable urban food systems?
  • Urbanisation and food transition: What is the role for Urban Policies?
  • Milan urban food policy pact: What is it and what is done in Nutrition?
  • Can we change consumer behaviours?
  • Impact of dietary habits on climate change and land use
  • Urban foodscapes for nutrition and health

Topics for debates and exchanges:

  • Non-communicable diseases and urban environment
  • Contaminants in urban diets and practices
  • What governance for urban nutrition policies? What kind of citizen participation?
  • Avoiding food insecurity in urban areas
  • New food policy against food insecurity and poverty
  • Alternative food systems for urban food security
  • Towards a regulation of food advertising?
  • Canteens as a tool for an improved nutrition
  • Synergistic action of health professionals and urban planners to promote physical activity