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Working together with other nutrition societies is essential to strengthen nutritional science. The Nutrition Society are delighted to be hosting the 3rd International Early Career Nutrition Research Championship at the Royal Society, London, on 3 December to aid this collaboration. This international initiative will allow selected early career nutrition scientists from different parts of the world to meet, collaborate, and compete in a supportive atmosphere. 

The Championship was launched in 2016 by the Nutrition Society’s International Affairs and Science Committees, in collaboration with the French, German and Belgian nutrition societies.

The Society hopes this will continue to stimulate international collaboration and co-operation, encourage young scientists to present their data both nationally and internationally, and encourage friendly competition among early career researchers world-wide.  Participating societies have each selected one student to represent their Society (The Nutrition Society will be represented by two students - one from the UK and one from the Irish Section as each have their own selection process in place).  Each student will give a 20-minute presentation with an additional five minutes for questions and will be judged by an international panel.

Members of participating societies, and non-members, are welcome to attend the Championship for free to support and encourage young scientists.