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Scientific Programme Organisers: 

The International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS)


The Power of Nutrition: For the Smiles of 10 Billion People

The 22nd International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) will be held on 6-11 December 2022 in Tokyo, Japan. The ICN is a meeting of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) which takes place every four years.

The world is currently faced with a variety of issues pertaining to nutrition, including food shortages, malnutrition, population growth, over-nutrition, diversification of dietary habits, threats to food safety, and the aging of society.

The population of our planet is projected to grow to 10 billion over the course of this century. Nutrition has the power to provide health and happiness to people living today, as well as to future generations, as we head towards the 22nd century. Accordingly, the theme of the congress is "The Power of Nutrition: For the Smiles of 10 Billion People." The aim is to bring people from around the world together in Tokyo in 2022 in the hope that it can generate valuable discussions on nutritional issues.


The program for the 22nd IUNS-ICN is planned to be divided into 9 tracks as follows:

  • T1 Advances in Nutrition Research
  • T2 Nutrients and Nutritional Assessment
  • T3 Nutrition Through Life Course
  • T4 Nutrition and Management of Diseases
  • T5 Food Culture Practices and Nutrition Education
  • T6 Public Health Nutrition and Environment
  • T7 Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds
  • T8 Agriculture, Food Science and Safety
  • T9 Others (Global issues, Challenges, Policies etc.)

Each track 1-8 will feature one plenary lecture, four special lectures and 8-10 symposia. In these programs, diverse topics will be presented, across the various fields of nutrition, inviting esteemed colleagues who are active on the forefront of nutrition to present their cutting-edge research and ideas.