Conference Grants

Conference Grants are available to those Society members who can least afford to attend scientific meetings and conferences around the world. Conference Grants are reserved for any Nutrition Society members who are undergraduates doing their first degree, MSc students, PhD students or those in the very early stages of their careers i.e. within 10 years of higher degree graduation.  Part of our remit is to support nutritionists and nutrition scientists to share their ideas and research, present their work to new audiences and make new connections with their peers around the world.

Applications will open again in January 2020.

If you have any queries, which are not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section below, please contact the Membership team

How to apply 

Applications must be accompanied by:

  • Proof of the applicant’s registration or acceptance to present/speak at the chosen event/conference. 
  • A personal statement of no more than 300 words which outlines how the applicant believes they or their career will benefit from having attended the chosen conference or event and how they intend to spend the travel grant.

Once the application has attended the conference/event, they will need to provide:

  • A short (500 word max) account of the event and photographs if possible, which can be used for a blog or newsletter feature.
  • Original VAT receipts for travel, event registration and the hotel (sorry but we cannot accept credit card receipts).  We do not require receipts for food and drink as these are not covered by the conference grant.

We will pay the Conference Grant once the items above have been received.


If you have any questions, please contact the Membership team.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why has the application process and dates changed?

This is because it can be hard administering a lot of applications an also anyone applying early for a wave could be waiting over 6 months for a judgement and approval to be given. It is now felt that having three short opening for applications and each for a limited time, will ensure that people are informed in good time of their event of any grant being awarded. This will also help those who may need to secure additional or alternative funding.

Why are there different rates for travel to different countries?

Previously there was no cap based on geography, but introducing one and limiting funding for different travel options, will allow more members to be able to benefit from the grants available.

How long have grants been available?

The Nutrition Society has been awarding travel grants for the last 23 years and hundreds of applicants have benefited from over £300,000. However, the process for administering the grants has now been streamlined and the opportunities created for more members than ever before, to be able to have a grant. It has also been decided to make them conference grants rather than travel grants so the grant can be used to cover travel, accommodation or conference registration.

How much funding will I receive?

Amounts which can be applied for will vary to based on country or residence and where you are travelling to, to enable more applicants to benefit from a conference grant. Please see below for exact amounts. Applicants based in UK/Ireland attending a conference/event involving: UK/Ireland travel up to £300 European travel £400 International travel £600 Applicants based in Europe attending a conference/event involving: UK/Ireland travel up to £400 European travel £300 International travel £600 Applicants based Internationally attending a conference/event involving: UK/Ireland travel up to £600 European travel £600 International travel £600

Why is the grant only available to students or early career members?

The Society has started a project to support students, graduates and early career members and it was felt that awarding grants to the least well-funded members was a genuine and worthy way of supporting the careers of those members just starting out.

When do I need to apply?

There are now three opening times for applications. You can apply in whichever period precedes your attendance at the conference/event. PLEASE NOTE: NO retrospective applications will be considered.

How do I make an application?

Please complete and submit the online application form. To support the application you will need a personal statement of no more than 300 words and proof of your registration for the event will be required.

How long will I have to wait for a decision?

After the closing date for each wave of applications, eligibility will be checked and the awards panel will make their decisions. Candidates will be normally notified within 3-4 weeks of the closing date for applications. If you have not heard anything by this time, please contact

When will the grant be paid?

The grant will be paid after your attendance at the event/conference and once we have received copies of your VAT receipts and your report on the meeting/event. Any grants not claimed by the time of the next deadline will not be paid.

What do I need to do after my attendance at the event/conference?

Please send your original VAT receipts for travel, registration and accommodation (not including food and drink) to the membership team. These should be the original receipts and not credita card receipts. Also please send a short account (500 word max) of the event, what you have learnt and how you feel it will benefit your future career. Please include photos if possible as we can then use these to promote the grants, and your success, to other members.

Am I eligible to apply for a conference grant?

Applicants must have been members of the Nutrition Society for at least two consecutive years. They must still be members when applying for the grant and when they are due to travel to the event. They must not have received a conference/travel grant from the Society or Irish Section in the last three years and must not be receiving a grant for this same event from the Irish Section. Those who have applied for these grants previously, but were unsuccessful, may apply again.

What can the grant be used for?

Conference grants are given to pay for travel (standard class air or rail), accommodation and registration at the conference only. Any costs incurred for food and drink are not covered by the grant and will not be reimbursed. PLEASE NOTE: The original VAT receipts will be needed for reimbursement of your costs, we are unable to reimburse against a credit or debit card receipt..