Summer Conference 2020: Call for expressions of interest

Expressions of Interest Summer Conference 2020

The Nutrition Society organises a number of scientific conferences each year, as well as contributing to joint events with other organisations worldwide. Traditionally, the conferences held each year are the Spring Conference, the Irish Section Conference, the Summer Conference and the Winter Conference.

The Summer Conference is the largest of the Society’s conferences and takes place in July, attracting up to 400 delegates over 3 – 4 days (usually Monday – Thursday).  In addition to conference-themed symposia, the conference also offers satellite sessions, proffered communications, a student career session and a vibrant evening networking programme, with the option of opportunities for training and workshops across or around the programme.

The Science Committee of the Nutrition Society is now seeking expressions of interest to host the 2020 Summer Conference and to develop the programme with support of the Science Committee.

The suggested subject area for 2020 has been identified as ‘Protein: sources, benefits and global challenges’ and will act as a potential overarching theme for this conference.  It is envisaged that contributing symposia could include (but need not be limited to) topics such as:

  • Protein sources, environmental considerations and sustainability
  • Protein metabolism and functional benefits
  • Interactions between proteins and other nutritional and lifestyle factors

The bidding process

If your University has an interest in hosting this conference, the following should be available:  

  • A venue in the UK or Ireland which can host and accommodate around 400 attendees
  • An indicative scientific programme (symposia titles and suggested speakers for six symposia), indicating the organising committee members.  Please view the conference agenda template for further information.
  • A short description of the likely range and cost of accommodation (the conference delegates will range from underfunded students to international plenary speakers).

Whilst conferences have traditionally been led and hosted by groupings at Universities, the Nutrition Society Scientific Committee is open to more flexible clusters and any suitable meeting venue.

The decision process

Applications will be considered at the next Science Committee meeting on 19 September and the successful bidders will then be co-opted to, and receive the support of, the Science Committee during the development and implementation of the conference.

Thank you to all who have submitted to bid to host the Summer Conference 2020.  Applicants will be notified of the outcome in due course.