Public Health Nutrition Medal Renamed

Published online: 12 April 2017

Dr Elsie Widdowson

In 2016, as part of the Nutrition Society’s 75th anniversary celebrations, new awards were launched to recognise excellence in nutritional science.  As well as acknowledging current contributions to nutritional science, the awards provide an opportunity honour eminent nutrition scientists of the past century. 

As part of the revised portfolio of awards, the Public Health Nutrition Medal was renamed the Widdowson Award in honour of  Dr. Elsie Widdowson, CH CBE FRS, a pioneering figure in the scientific study of nutrition in the middle decades of the last century.  Dr. Widdowson was also president of the Nutrition Society from 1977-1980.

If you have had a significant impact on local, regional, national or international policy or delivery, or the evidence base in public health nutrition, then please consider applying.

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