New Initiative: Nutrition Society member-led short conference programme

Delegates in audience at conference

The Nutrition Society runs a recurring annual programme of successful, high profile conferences attracting many delegates from across the world throughout the year.  To compliment this annual programme of activities, the Society would like to introduce a series of smaller, shorter, focussed, member-led conferences allowing delegates to take an in depth approach into a subject.

This format has a number of potential advantages:

  • A chance for a conference to have a detailed focus into one topic 
  • Responsive to scientific developments, emerging themes etc
  • Attractive to those working within the field (for both science and networking)
  • Opportunity to early career researchers and academics both to speak and to co-organise
  • Develop a programme of ideas for a larger conference or sessions within larger conferences
  • Opportunity to trial new collaborations with other societies / supporters
  • Member-led, clear opportunity to engage directly and contribute to Society activity

The Society's Science Committee have agreed to offer support with the development of proposals received from Nutrition Society members.  Members wishing to take part in this new initiative can complete the proforma and attach an indicative programme. The proposal will be reviewed, and once agreed the conference will receive support from staff at the Society for registration, marketing and publicity. The organisers are expected to provide a Gazette article and/or a paper published in Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (PNS) as an outcome of the conference.

The Society is particularly keen to be flexible, support innovative ideas, explore novel areas, execute regional conferences, develop position statements or discuss standards, where a PNS paper would be an apposite outcome.


Download and complete the proforma.  Please return your completed proforma to the Society’s Conference Coordinator, Emily Ooi via email

If you wish to informally discuss your proposal ahead of submission or have any questions, please email Emily Ooi or call on +44 (0) 207 605 6568.

Dr Bernard Corfe
Honorary Programme Officer