Introducing the Society's new Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows 2018

Honorary Fellowship of the Nutrition Society is awarded to distinguished individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the Society, and for their long term committment to nutritional science.  The Society are pleased to announce three new Honorary Fellows of the Society, whom were each awarded by the Society's President, Professor Philip Calder:

Professor Judith Buttriss BSc DipDiet PhD RNutr FAfN has been Director General of the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) since 2007.  Professor Buttriss studied Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Surrey. She worked as a research dietitian in Professor John Waterlow’s obesity unit for about a year before returning to Surrey to study for a PhD concerning vitamin C and hepatic drug metabolism, which combined the disciplines of nutrition, biochemistry and toxicology.  With a doctorate, Professor Buttriss worked in various labs as a postdoc researcher, in particular on vitamin E and selenium at Guy’s Hospital Medical School.  In 1985, she decided to leave the lab environment and joined the National Dairy Council (NDC) as Senior Nutritionist, where she stayed until 1998 when she joined the BNF as Science Director.  Recently, Professor Buttriss was Senior Editor of the second edition of the Society's Public Health Nutrition textbook.  

Professor Michael Gibney, Emeritus Professor of Food and Health at University College Dublin, graduated from UCD with an MAgrSc in 1971 working on lipid metabolism in lambs.  Professor Gibney gained a teaching fellowship at the University of Sydney's Veterinary School and was awarded a PhD in 1976 for work on the digestive physiology of the neonatal lamb.  From there, Professor Gibney moved to human nutrition with a lectureship at the University of Southampton Medical School in 1977, and then returned to Dublin to take up a post at Trinity College Dublin in the Department of Clinical Medicine as Professor of Nutrition. During that time, Professor Gibney served as Dean (Vice President) of Research.  Twenty three years later in 2006, Professor Gibney moved to UCD to begin a post of Professor of Food and Health.  He served on the EU Scientific Committee for Food from 1985 to 1997 and chaired the working group on nutrition.  Professor Gibney was past-President of the Nutrition Society from 1995 - 1998.  From 1997 to 2000, Professor Gibney served on the EU Scientific Steering Committee and was chair of its working group on BSE.  In 2010, he was appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board of the European Joint Programme Initiative on Food and Health Research. 

Professor John Webster MA VetMB PhD MRCVS graduated in veterinary in 1963 from the University of Cambridge, and is now Professor Emeritus at the University of Bristol.  Professor Webster’s focus has been on nutrition, veterinary teaching and research, including four years in Canada at the University of Alberta and 10 years at the Hannah and Rowett Research Institute in Scotland.  In 1977, he was appointed Professor of Animal Husbandry at the University of Bristol Veterinary School where he established a unit for the study of animal welfare and behaviour, one of the largest such group in the world, (over 60 strong). He is a Past-President of the Nutrition Society and Honorary Fellow of the Association for Nutrition. In 2012, Professor Webster published “Animal Husbandry Regained” exploring the impact of farming animals for food on human health, animal welfare and the living environment.