Introducing The Nutrition Society Training Academy

Published online: 1 June 2018

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The Nutrition Society Training & Education programme is being re-launched! 

Following the success of the Nutrition Society Training and Education since its launch in 2011, the training programme is being re-formulated and the Society is pleased to announce the Nutrition Society Training Academy (NSTA).  The Society has a geographically diverse membership throughout the UK, Ireland and globally, which training programmes must reach.  Recognising this, the NSTA is being developed to offer a new and exciting range of learning options. For example, whilst continuing to maintain key face to face workshops, the NSTA will deliver multiple webinars, as well as introducing blended-learning. 

The Training Academy will deliver under two identified needs areas; the skills gap (figure 1) and ongoing learning with the aim of ‘Enhancing and investing in the improvement of nutrition science’ 


Many exciting topics are currently being considered in order to deliver the two identified needs areas. These will include: Scientific communications, hot topics, scientific publishing, dietary assessment methods, nutrigenomics, media skills and food policy, to mention just a few. 

The Training Academy programme is designed specifically for you. The Society's aim is to assist nutrition scientists meet their needs at various stages of development and that means the Society wants to hear from YOU. This is a great opportunity to contribute to, and so benefit from, the new training programme and we would value your opinion on the following two key areas:

  • Topic - is anything missing from the matrix and if so what?
  • Timing - when would you find it most convenient to access a webinar (e.g. morning, lunch time, evening or perhaps one that is downloadable for any time)?

To receive training calendar alerts and submit your contribution, please contact Jade Mitchell, Professional Development Manager