Blaxter Award winner announced - Professor Keith N. Frayn

Published online: 15 May 2018

Professor Keith N. Frayn, University of Oxford

The Blaxter Award is named after Sir Kenneth Blaxter FRS PRSE, who was a leading figure in the field of energy metabolism and animal nutrition during the second half of the last Century.  The Blaxter Award was created in 2017, and will be awarded to scientists within the area of Whole Body Metabolism and Animal Nutrition.

In 2018, the Blaxter Award will be awarded for the first time.  The Nutrition Society are pleased to announce Professor Keith N. Frayn from University of Oxford as the winner.  Professor Keith N. Frayn has been awarded the Blaxter Award for his research entitled 'Turning over our fat stores: the key to metabolic health'.

Professor Keith N. Frayn will present his award winning lecture on 12 July at the Summer Conference: Getting energy balance right at University of Leeds.

Congratulations to Professor Frayn!

Image: First Blaxter Award winner, Professor Keith N. Frayn