2017 Postgraduate Competition Winners

Published online: 10 April 2017

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The Nutrition Society is pleased to announce the 2017 Postgraduate Competition winners.  We look forward to welcoming them to the Irish Section Conference at Queen's University Belfast in June, and the Summer Conference at King's College London in July.


Irish Section Conference 2017: What governs what we eat?

Niamh Aspell, St James’ Hospital, Dublin

Abstract title: ‘Is there a role for vitamin D in supporting cognitive function as we age?’

Louise Daly, University College Cork

Abstract title:  ‘A window beneath the skin: how CT assessment of body composition can reveal hidden wasting conditions in oncology that profoundly impact on outcomes’

Katie Moore, University of Ulster          

Abstract title: ‘Nutrition and the ageing brain’   

Karen O’Callaghan, University College Cork

Abstract title: ‘Racial disparities in the dietary requirement for vitamin D during pregnancy – considerations for nutrition policy and research’   


Summer Conference 2017: Improving nutrition in metropolitan areas

Maira Bouga, University of Glasgow

Abstract title: ‘The role of dietary choices in the mitigation of iodine insufficiency in the UK’

Eirini Dimidi, King’s College London

Abstract title: ‘The use of probiotics in the general population for relief of symptoms of constipation, their recommendation by doctors, and a critical evaluation of the scientific evidence behind it’

Jing Guo, University of Reading

Abstract title: ‘The role of eggs and dairy products as dietary sources of vitamin D

Taryn Smith, University of Surrey

Abstract title: ‘Vitamin D and adolescents: evidence-based dietary requirements and implications for health’   


Image: David Clayton, previous Postgraduate Competition winner