Whole Body Metabolism

The Whole Body Metabolism (WBM) theme supports and enables the application of whole body metabolism approaches to the study of nutrition.  Including facilitating communication with the membership, through the Society's website and various publications, to support members with regular updates with emerging research and strategies in this area, and their potential impact upon nutritional research.


Postprandial metabolism, protein and amino acid metabolism, fatty acid/lipid/lipoprotein metabolism, carbohydrate/glucose metabolism, adipose tissue/body composition, vascular function/blood pressure, kidney function/renal health, liver function/hepatic steatosis, energy balance/obesity, appetite, physical activity, metabolic syndrome/pre-diabetes/type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, musculoskeletal disorders. 


King's College London
Whole Body Metabolism Theme Leader
Dr Wendy Hall (BA (Hons), MSc, PhD) is a Reader in Nutritional Sciences within the Nutritional Sciences Department of the School of Life Course Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine, at...