The Nutrition Society Themes were set up to represent new and developing areas of nutritional science.  Each Theme is led by a Theme Leader who acts as a direct link between the membership and the Science Committee.  They liaise with, and represent the interests of, Nutrition Society members.

The Role

Each Theme is led by a Theme Leader who acts as a direct link between the membership and the Science Committee. They liaise with, and represent the interests of, Nutrition Society members.

Theme Lead responsibilities include:

  • sitting on two Committees (Science Committee and one other of their choice), 
  • reviewing submitted abstracts for all Society conferences, 
  • review, in collaboration with the Programmes and Science Officer, applications from external supporters for sponsored symposia,
  • delivery of one conference per term of office (this can include a short meeting), 
  • promotion of their Themes’ interests including via selected talks at the Summer Conference, 
  • reviewing and encouraging proposals for member-led meetings, 
  • reviewing and encouraging proposals for Special interest Groups (SIGs) and reporting back to Science Committee,
  • delivery of one Nutrition Society Training Academy (NSTA) webinar or Journal Club per annum,
  • generating and procuring content for the forums and blogs on the Society’s membership platform, Member-Connect,
  • liaising with the membership and representing their interests,
  • updating the membership on activities in the Society's biannual membership magazine, The Gazette.

Themes must evolve with advancements in nutritional science and consider novel and innovative study designs as well as driving collaboration with other disciplines. Small Interest Groups (SIG)s are an opportunity to support exploratory activities, interest areas, topics and partnerships without committing the Society to a restructure.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

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Encompasses areas including food production, processing, reformulation; organic; food safety and toxicity; food systems and sustainability issues;...
The Novel nutrition research methodologies and technologies Theme encompasses the development of methodologies by which nutrition is studied,...
The Nutrition and optimum life course Theme is defined by activities encompassing exercise & sports nutrition, healthy ageing, weight management...
Nutrition in the treatment, management and prevention of disease focuses on disease-facing (both communicable and non-communicable) topics and...