Strategic Plan (2021 - 2026)

Following a period of extensive consultation involving the Society's Board of Trustees, members of Council, members of the Society, and a range of external organisations, the Strategic Plan sets the course for the next five years (2021 - 2026).  As a result of this consultation period, four strategic priorities have emerged:

PRIORITY 1: To enhance the Society’s promotion of high-quality evidence-based nutritional science and keep the Society at the leading edge of nutritional science, which is essential to its prosperity and competitiveness.

PRIORITY 2: Support the careers and interests of the membership.

PRIORITY 3: Strengthen the impact and visibility of the Society and its members’ contributions to global nutritional science.

PRIORITY 4: Enhance the governance and management of the Society.

The Strategic Plan takes into consideration the evolving scientific, political, social and cultural trends in the UK, Ireland and internationally. Whilst the Plan seeks, where appropriate, to continue to build on the achievements and successes of the 2016-2021 strategy, it also recognises the need to respond to trends in nutritional science and emerging technology.

The Plan will provide the structure upon which annual targets are set for the next five years, and how the strategic performance of the Society will be evaluated by the Board of Trustees.

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