Mark Hollingsworth
Chief Executive Officer
Mark Hollingsworth is Chief Executive Officer and Company Secretary of The Nutrition Society and its subsidiary Trading Company. He is responsible for managing the affairs of the Society for the...
Anne Sidnell
EA to Chief Executive Officer and Trustees
Anne is responsible for supporting the day-to-day work of the CEO and all the Society Governance meetings. In addition, she has responsibility for supporting a range of internal and external Society...
Alison Barham
Membership Manager
Alison is responsible for managing all of the membership activities, including supporting the members and maintaining and developing the membership experience.
Marie Belle
Finance Officer
Marie is responsible for ensuring the finances of the Society are accurate, and suppliers are communicated with when paying invoices and reconciling accounts. Marie works directly with the CEO and...
International Support Officer
The Nutrition Society hold the Secretariat for the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) and the Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS). Luwan is responsible for providing...
Cassandra Ellis
Science Communication Manager
Cassandra is responsible for managing scientific content and leads on external scientific communications.  She supports the Editor-in-Chief in the successful delivery and growth of the Society’s...
Danielle Guildford
Communications Manager
Danielle is responsible for communicating key messages and activities to the membership, developing new and existing relationships with key stakeholders and supporters and delivery of the ...
Jade Mitchell
Professional Development Manager
Jade is responsible for developing and managing the Training Academy’s programme and operations.
Emily Ooi
Conference Coordinator
Emily is responsible for the successful planning and execution of Nutrition Society conferences, ensuring their ongoing growth. This entails developing and maintaining relations with key stakeholders...
Membership and Database Support Officer
Amanda assists the Membership Manager in the day to day administration of the membership department of the Society, liaising with members, resolving any issues that arise in the process of members...
Science Communication Officer
Caroline is responsible for producing and creating scientific content for the Nutrition Society’s communication channels, supporting the Society's Publications portfolio, parliamentary affairs, and ...