Science Committee

The Science Committee was established to promote the advancement of scientific study of nutrition and its application to the maintenance of human and animal health through the promotion of innovative scientific activities.  The Committee's prime objectives are:

  • Develop and promote the communication for sound nutritional science
  • Approve topics and scientific programmes for the Society’s conferences
  • Oversee the delivery of these scientific conferences and symposia on behalf of the Society in collaboration with the Local Organiser
  • Develop and organise innovative scientific conferences for members
  • Develop and promote links with other scientific organisations through joint conferences and symposia
  • Identify and develop the Society’s electronic delivery of scientific activities for the benefit of the members


University of Nottingham
Honorary Science Officer
John is Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry at the University of Nottingham. He teaches aspects of nutrition, endocrinology and metabolism on various degrees, including BSc Nutrition, BSc Animal...
Dr Bernard Corfe
University of Newcastle
Honorary Programme Officer
Bernard Corfe is Professor of Human Nutrition and Health at University of Newcastle. His early career was in gene regulation in bacteria and in cancer cells, before moving into nutrition mid-career...
Prof Bruce Griffin
University of Surrey
Council member - Academia
Professor Griffin is a biomedical scientist with expertise in lipid metabolism, nutritional biochemistry and cardiovascular disease. After his BSc in medical laboratory science (1984), he gained his...
Wendy Hall
King's College London
Nutrition and optimum life course Theme Lead
Dr Wendy Hall (BA (Hons), MSc, PhD) is a Reader in Nutritional Sciences within the Nutritional Sciences Department of the School of Life Course Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine, at...
Professor Julie Lovegrove
University of Reading
Professor Julie Lovegrove (BSc, Diet (Dip), PhD, RNutr, FAfN) is Hugh Sinclair Professor of Human Nutrition, Director of the Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition, and Deputy Director of the...
Dr Oonagh Markey
Loughborough University
Nutrition in the treatment, management and prevention of disease Theme Lead
Dr Oonagh Markey (BSc (Hons), PhD, RNutr) is a Senior Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences within the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, Loughborough University and a Visiting Research Fellow...
University of Ulster
Irish Section Chair
Professor Alison Gallagher is currently Head of Doctoral College (Coleraine/Magee) at Ulster University. With over 90 peer-reviewed publications (h-index of 30), Alison contributes to the research...
Christian Reynolds
City University, London
Dr Christian Reynolds is Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Food Policy, City University, London; and is the Senior Tutor for Research at the Centre for Food Policy.
Tom Hill
Newcastle University
Honorary Treasurer
Tom Hill is Professor of Nutrition at Newcastle University. His research and teaching specialisms fall under four broad areas: nutrition in very-old age, micronutrients and health, food and health...
Novel nutrition research methodologies and technologies Theme Lead
Dr Lisa Coneyworth (BSc (Hons), PhD, RNutr) is an Associate Professor within the Division of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Nottingham, UK.  After completing her BSc (Hons) Food...
Mark Hollingsworth
Chief Executive Officer
Mark Hollingsworth is Chief Executive Officer and Company Secretary of The Nutrition Society and its subsidiary Trading Company. He is responsible for managing the affairs of the Society for the...
Kiu Sum
University of Westminster
Student Section Chair
Kiu has a nutrition background having previously graduated from with a BSc (Hons) at the University of Westminster and subsequently a MRes from Imperial College London. She is currently embarking on...
Dr Emma Feeney
Institute of Food and Health, University College Dublin
Secretary of the Irish Section
Dr. Emma Feeney is a Lecturer / Assistant Professor in UCD’s Institute of Food and Health, where she co-ordinates modules in Human eating behaviour, Food Ingredients, and Sensory science, and was...
Dr Alexandra Mavroeidi
Secretary of the Scottish Section
Dr Alexandra Mavroeidi, is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity for Health. She has worked in the field of nutrition, exercise/sedentary behaviour, and bone health for the past 22 years. She had...