Publications Committee

The object of the Publications Committee shall be to promote the advancement of scientific study of nutrition and its application to the maintenance of human and animal health through publication of the Society’s journals and textbooks. The Committee's prime objectives include:

  • Oversee all matters concerning publication of the Society’s journals and textbooks, and receive and discuss annual reports from the Editors-in-Chief of the journals and textbook series and the publishers
  • Review the publishing contract for the journals and the performance of the publishers, from time to time, as appropriate
  • Negotiate such contracts as are necessary for publication of the Society’s textbook series
  • Make recommendations to the Trustees concerning the appointment of Editors-in-Chief of the journals and textbook series as and when appropriate
  • Agree with the Editor-in-Chief of the textbook series any new editions or new books to be commissioned, and the timetable for their publication.

Members of the Publications Committee include:

Universities of Liverpool and Buckingham
Honorary Publications Officer
Professor Paul Trayhurn, BSc (Reading), DPhil, DSc (Oxon) FRSE is Emeritus Professor of Nutritional Biology at the University of Liverpool, Professorial Research Fellow (part-time) at the University...
The Rowett Research Institute of Nutrition and Health (University of Aberdeen)
Editor of the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (PNS)
Dr Janice Drew coordinates the Molecular Nutrition course within MSc Molecular/Human Nutrition programme at the University of Aberdeen. At the Rowett Research Institute, Dr Drew is involved in...