Membership Committee

The Membership Committee, chaired by the Honorary Membership Officer, Dr Dean Sewell was recommended by the Trustees earlier this year to develop and enhance the offering to members.  The Committee will be supported by the Society's Membership Manager and invites members to express their interest in joining.  To form the Committee the Society are looking for a member from each of the following to join the Committee: 

  • Animal nutrition, 
  • Medical nutrition,  
  • Nutritionists in industry,  
  • Sport and Exercise nutrition, 
  • Nutritionist based internationally and,
  • Policy.

Currently the aim is to meet twice a year (March and September), at the Society's headquarters, Cambridge Court, London.  The inaugural meeting will be held in March 2019.  The estimated time commitment will be around six days per year for attending meetings, preparing for meetings and small tasks.  

In order to widen member engagement and contribution to the Society, the Committee are looking for members who consider themselves to be part of one of the groups mentioned above, and who are not currently serving on any other Nutrition Society committee. In the first instance, please email Alison Barham, the Society's Membership Manager with a short note of who you are and what membership group above you feel you would be best placed to represent. 

Chair of the Membership Committee:

Honorary Membership Officer
Dr Dean Sewell PhD, BA (Hons), RNutr, FHEA lives and works in Scotland and his academic career has focussed on the areas of human physiology and nutrition. He is a Registered Nutritionist (...