Structure of the Nutrition Society

The Nutrition Society is a registered charity (Number: 272071) and is governed by a board of Trustees (Honorary Officers). The Council of the Society is responsible for advising Honorary Officers on policy, external relations, governance, spending and income-generation. 

Honorary Officers

Elected Honorary Officers are responsible for the business of the Society:

  • President
  • Honorary Treasurer
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Programmes (Meetings) Secretary
  • Honorary Publications Officer
  • Honorary Scientific Officer
  • Honorary Training and Education Officer
  • Honorary Strategic Communications Officer
  • Honorary Officer Without Portfolio
  • Honorary President - Elect (for the 12 months prior to Presidency)

Three positions of Theme Leaders have been created to develop innovative outward-facing functions for the Society.


The Council of the Society comprises of:

  • Honorary Officers
  • Secretaries of the Scottish Regional Section and the Irish Regional Section
  • Student Member of Council
  • Member - Public Health
  • Member - Policy
  • Member - Medical
  • Member - Industry 
  • Member - Animal Nutrition 
  • Member - Academic 
  • Ordinary Member x 2


Most of the Society's staff are based at our Headquarters in Hammersmith. The Nutrition Society employs nine people to manage its day to day activities.