Fundraising And Sponsorship Policy

The Nutrition Society, like many other scientific societies around the world, welcomes sponsorship and donations in support of the work it does. 
Many of our activities we run could not take place without financial support from our sponsors.  The money we raise subsidises fees such as for delegates to attend our events, which directly benefits our members.  However, it is important to note that sponsors do not have a say in the topics covered at our events, the people we invite as speakers, or the way they are run.  We are absolutely committed to maintaining our reputation as an independent learned society.  As a result, fundraising and sponsorship is kept separate from science.  We make this point clearly on our website, in our fundraising and sponsorship policy and very clearly to our sponsors.
Additionally, sponsorship helps us to:

  • Invite internationally renowned experts to speak at our conferences.  We pay their travel costs and expenses so that our members benefit from their presentations.
  • Hire suitable venues and lay on social functions (with food and drink) that allow our members to network and make new contacts.  
  • Publish – free of charge – the conference booklet of Abstracts which is a costly operation.  
  • Support Student Bursaries allowing the next generation of qualified nutritionists to attend our conferences and intermingle with more experienced members.
  • Support travel grants allowing members who might otherwise have difficulty paying for the cost of travel, to come to our events.  

As a charity all the money we raise supports activities that benefit our members.

For more information on sponsorship or fundraising, please contact: