To continue to receive and make the most of your membership benefits and to be part of the Society’s development in 2014 please renew your membership. 

You can renew online or by completing and returning the relevant renewal form. Please see below for further instructions:


Upon joining the Nutrition Society members choose or are allocated a username and password.

Please use your login details to access your membership account and renew on the Membership Services website.

You will also be able to view/edit your membership details, register for Nutrition Society conferences and access or purchase additional journal subscriptions through your membership account. Please see the 'How to guide' below for further information.

Full Electronic and Retired Members are eligible to renew by Direct Debit. If you would like to pay for your membership by Direct Debit please download the appropriate renewal form below.

Renewal forms

Please send the subscription fee with your completed renewal form to the address supplied on the form. For 2014 membership and journal subscription fees please see the 'Costs' section.

If you have any queries please contact the Nutrition Society office or the Membership Services office.

Are your membership details up to date?

In order to maximise the benefits from your Nutrition Society membership, please inform the Nutrition Society or Membership Services team of any changes in your details (including change of address, contact details, demographics, interests, job and workplace).