Nutrition Society International Affairs

International Affairs

From its earliest years, the Nutrition Society has had an international presence, and it continues to strive to extend its role around the world.

A new position of Honorary International Affairs Officer has been created, to lead our international programme in promoting the Society’s work internationally. The Society formally launched International Affairs during a wine reception at the Annual Summer Meeting on the 16 July 2012 at Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The International Affairs Committee

The committee is led by Dr Paul Amuna, Honorary International Affairs Officer. Each member of the committee has responsibility for a specific region:

  • Dr Paul Amuna (University of Greenwich)                                  Africa
  • Professor Sean Strain (University of Ulster, Coleraine)          Europe (IUNS)
  • Professor Catherine Geissler                                                      Americas
  • Dr Nicola Lowe                                                                                Asia
  • Professor Ian Macdonald                                                              Europe (FENS)
  • Professor Jeya Henry                                                                     Asia

Professor Ian Macdonald has been elected as Treasurer to the board of FENS until 2015.

The remit of the International Affairs Committee is to:

  • Sign ‘Memoranda of Understanding’ with other Societies/organisations
  • Promote the scientific exchange of information – joint meetings/symposia
  • Communicate openly with other Societies
  • Promote Nutrition Society representation on international organisation committees
  • Promote the Nutrition Society journals and textbooks internationally
  • Establish an international Training & Education Programme 

For further information in regards to International Affairs please contact Jennifer Norton (Business Development Manager).

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